General benefits

Fassadenreinigung Österreich

• Environmentally friendly natural product
• sublimation to gas without leaving residues
• inexpensive
• quick cleaning
• odourless and neutral in taste
• non-flammable and non-toxic
• absolutely clean and also approved for use in kitchens
• without chemical cleaning detergents

The dry ice is fed into a compressed air stream in a controlled manner. Due to the
enormously high speed that the air-ice mixture reaches in the jet nozzle, the dry ice hits
the contaminated surface, freezes the dirt and blasts it off the surface. The solid dry ice
sublimates in the process and becomes gas. The gas is non-toxic and neutral. The
removed dirt is carried away from the cleaned surface by the compressed air. It can then
be vacuumed, swept or filtered.

We will be happy to inform you about the advantages and areas of application! 

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CO2-neutral, effizient und besonders schonend werden Verschmutzungen, wie Schimmel, Graffitis, Feinstaub & Co durch die Clean Green Fassadenreinigung mit Trockeneisstrahlen einfach entfernt, sodass Ihre Fassade neu erstrahlen kann.Vom Sauber-Profi CLEAN GREEN durchgeführt ist diese coole Alternative verglichen zum Neuanstrich bis zu 73 % günstiger.

Dry ice cleaning – fast and clean! 


Application areas


• Facade cleaning
• Cleaning of natural stones
• graffiti removal
• Terraces (also wood)
• Tiles
• Fire damage restoration
• paving stones
• Removal of adhesive roots of climbing plants ivy etc.
• parquet floors
• Escalator cleaning
• Tree resin removal
• Plastic garden furniture
• Removal of paint, varnish, toner, adhesives, gumming up
• sediments
• awnings

Automotive industry

• Engine cleaning,
no danger for electrics
• Water stains on seats
• Roof lining in the car
• Convertible tops
• Parcel/hat shelves
• Vintage car restoration
(interior and exterior)
• Motorhomes and caravans


• Removal of paint, adhesives in printing plants
• Butcher’s shops
• Bakeries
• Construction machinery
• Machines of all kinds
• Moulds of all variations
• Cleaning of canteen kitchens, grease, etc.


• Hotel industry, vermin
(bed bugs, cockroaches, vermin control,..)
• Kitchen areas
• Exhaust air shafts